Another Reason My Mom Rocks

A bit after I finished my Top 10 list I was sittin’ here chattin’ with my mother. Have I mentioned she’s one of my best friends? Anyway…I showed her that and then we were talking about this pesky cancer thing inside her and that we just gotta find a way to get rid of it. After that we moved on to the list and I pulled up the page to show her and hopefully put a smile on her face as I let her know in yet another way that I appreciate her very very much and that I definitely approved of how she raised me.

All this led to a great discussion and me thanking her again and again. One really cool thing that I took from my mother’s teachings was a “you can do it” attitude. It goes well beyond the happy cheery “you can do anything you want baby” attitude…it extends to “do what it takes to get it done”. This all stretches to “well if you don’t know how to do it, go ahead and learn and then you can do it”. Armed with this knowledge I could go through life and never worry about saying “I don’t know how to do that” or “I can’t do that”. The only time you’d hear “I can’t do that” is if “now” was attached to the end of it but then that would usually be followed by “but I’ll figure it out”.

Thank you mom.
Yet another reason you are my best friend.

What super life lesson has your mother taught you? Please…share with us all and show your appreciation for your rockin’ mother.


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    I love this story. It’s one thing to encourage, but it’s another to arm someone with the courage and confidence to know they can handle any and all challenges life throws at you. By teaching you that, with ingenuity, hard work and passion, you CAN do anything and everything you want, your mom gave you a wonderful gift. :)

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    My mom has a heart of gold that is willing to forgive those who have let her down even when they were suppose to be the ones to love and support her most. Her constant positive outlook on the fact that they should be forgiven is something I strive and often fall short of — it’s incredible difficult to be that forgiving.

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    You also wanted other mother’s that rock stories and why they rock. Mamma Sargent is my best friend too. At almost 36 years old – whenever I need something – be it good or bad – she is the first one I want to call or have comfort me. She has sacrificed a lot to make sure her children had a safe and loving life. She has apparently far succeeded that goal 😉 since both her children consider her not just a mom, a comfort, a sounding board but a friend. And believe me, just like you with Mamma Chia, I know how fortunate we are to have the mother’s we do! YA US!!!! Please remember the most important thing in life is the people that surround you – love them with everything you have and make sure they know it. Xoxo

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