Tattoo Design Contest

So there I was thinking about my mother. Seeing how many people have come by to bring her food, to see how she’s doing, to have my friends show their support for both her and me at the same time…it’s been a wonderful thing to see. She’s clearly touched the lives of many many people and I keep thinking of new ways to honor her because quite frankly, this woman deserves to be honored.

Can you design a good tattoo to honor your mother?
Can you design a good tattoo to honor your mother?

One of the things I thought of is a tattoo honoring my mother. My mom is actually a fan of “LA Ink” and it kinda gave me the thought. If only Kat would offer to ink me up with something cool to honor my mom. I think she’d do it for a good cause…she seems pretty cool…
Anyway…I digress. So I was thinking of cool tattoos for the people out there that have their moms as their best friends. The first and most obvious design is the heart with “mom” written across it. Yet, there can be so many variations of this. Hmmm…what to do, what to do.

So here it is. This goes out to all you artists out there or just anyone who can come up with a cool design. Supposing, just supposing I were to get something like this put on myself, I’d like to have something good to putĀ  on and show the world what this woman means to me. I mean, theoretically speaking of course. *grin* Mom, if you’re reading this, remember it’s just an idea for others out there. Family and friends, if you’re reading this, same goes to you…

Here’s the deal:

  1. Think of a cool tattoo incorporating a heart and the word “mom”. It can have much more around it or be simple.
  2. Submit your design.
  3. I will show all the designs for everyone else to see and possibly use if they want this to honor their own mothers too.
  4. I will choose the design I like the most (you know, if I was to put this on my own body) and spotlight it on this site and a few other sites.
  5. Contest ends Saturday, August 15, 2009.

Sound easy enough? It is!

Here’s to all the rockin’ mothers out there.

By the way, my mother is playing Halo on the XBox right now as I type this up. How can you not love a woman like that?


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