The Best Lessons My Mom Ever Taught Me

My mom has taught me many lessons throughout life. Obviously when I was a young child she taught me the basics of life. However, as I got older many of the lessons that I learned from her were not “taught” per se but more of observations on my part…observations on how I should live my life in order to be a good person.

Before I get onto these lessons I will take care of the administrivia…
First you will notice that this site still has not become the social networking site that I had promised. I’m sure you can all forgive me as I spend my days and evenings spending as much time as possible with my mother. Also, I am still accepting submissions for a tattoo that honors my mother. I want a heart, perhaps the word “mom”, and any design that would look good incorporated into it. Placement will be on the heart of course. Send them to

Now…what are the best lessons that my mother has taught me? The few that I can think of right now as I sit in hospice with my mother are as follows.

  1. Enjoy what you have. It doesn’t make any sense pining for something you don’t have. If you’ve got a bowl of soup, enjoy it for the nourishment it is and stop complaining that you don’t have a steak.
  2. Be happy. Sounds simple. It IS simple. It’s even easier when you smile a lot. Being an angry person is just a waste of energy and not a pleasant thing for anyone around you.
  3. Don’t worry about things. This one can be tricky, but it makes sense. I mean, I could sit here and worry about this and that but it’s just a drain on the energy and it really doesn’t get you anywhere.
  4. Enjoy and don’t worry. A hybrid of #1 and #3. Since hearing about the cancer that took hold of my mother back in July I could have done one of two things. First, I could have worried, cried, lamented, and been miserable about the news. Or, in a better way to live life I can enjoy the time that I have with my mom. I can always cry later but right now it’s all about spending time with my mom. I’m pretty sure I’d be mad at myself if I had wasted the past two months crying and feeling sorry for myself rather than enjoying time with my mom.
  5. Follow your passions. If it makes you happy, go for it. If you truly want to do it, you can find a way.
  6. Love and be loved. My mom has shown me what the power of love can do. You feel it. See it. It carries you through the tough times. It makes the good times even better.

There is more…much more. For now though, I will take these lessons with me throughout my whole life. Yes, I would have loved to have my mom remind me of these things as I talk to her years from now but that simply cannot happen. However, these are things that I will never forget. My mom is my north star…and even as the light from her star shall dim from her passing, she will always guide me through life. Thank you Mom…I love you.

ps – Many of the other lessons, views on life, ponderings on passions and so forth can also be seen at


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