Sharing Accomplishments With My Mom

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. Lots going on in life since my mother passed away nearly two years ago. A troubled economy, layoffs, creating a new and tighter relationship with my dad, ups and downs with the career…whew…it’s almost tiring just thinking about it!

Two years ago we were in the midst of “crap, my mom has pancreatic cancer” and had no idea how much longer we had with her (which would end up being ’til October). Holidays still hit me hard as well as taking a walk along a particular stretch of road or seeing/hearing/thinking about other reminders. This time of year gets to me also as it nears the anniversary of it all.

One thing that gets to me quite a bit however is how much I miss sharing my accomplishments with my mother. Whenever I did something cool (well, I thought it was cool at least) she was the first person I’d call and tell about it. Sharing everything with her was awesome. She showed such a genuine interest in anything I did (even if she didn’t understand it one bit) and was so very encouraging for me to continue on. So awesome! It was her support throughout life that has given me that “can do” attitude. If I wanted to do something, I just had to work at it and then I could do it. Great lessons in life.

I bring all this up because I just completed another major accomplishment. I worked on an iPhone app (it’s called LocaJot. Look it up in the App Store or check out the site at and we just released it last week. It’s exciting seeing all our hard work finally becoming a product for others to use. It’s exciting to see how people around the world are downloading it. There are many exciting aspects to it all and I just want to say “Look Mom! Isn’t this awesome?!?!?”

For now I can just say “Thank you Mom for giving me the mental fortitude to take on this challenge and to create something cool.” I dedicate LocaJot to you Mom…I couldn’t have done it without you. And even though you wouldn’t have an iPhone or iPod even if you were still alive, I know you’d be telling me how proud you are of what we did. Thank you!

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