My Mom Is Always With Me & New Site Changes

It’s been just over half a decade since my mom passed away. The first couple years were rough…very rough indeed. These days however, I smile whenever I think of my mother. I will admit however that I have become quite a sap since my mom’s passing. I’ll find myself tearing up at the ever-so-slightest sad or sweet moment in a movie or TV show. Sometimes a random thought will have the same effect. I shan’t complain though…I like who I have become.

I’ve been thinking about my mom a bit more lately and I think it’s time to get this site back up and running. There’s already been a slight re-design and now it’s time to add more content. I’d like to hear stories from everyone out there that has a best friend in their mother. Let us all share the wonderful stories of love, laughter, silliness, inspiration and general awesomeness that we’ve been able to experience with our mothers. Stay tuned and there will be a much better forum for getting all these stories posted. Until then, if your mom is still alive, send her a quick “I love you Mom” call or note and if your mother isn’t with you anymore like mine is…take a moment to smile and think about how very lucky we are to have had someone so wonderful in our lives.

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