My Mom Is My Best Friend


Hello everyone, and welcome to “My Mom Is My Best Friend”, a site dedicated to the best mothers out there. My mother truly is my best friend. She has raised me into what I like to believe is a fine young man and over the years has gone from the role of loving and caring upbringer of a child to the loving and caring mother and best friend to me.

Just recently my mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Truly a crappy shock to us all. However, this site is not going to be a boo-hoo site but rather a site to celebrate the best mothers who have touched us all.

Look at this picture below. Ah yes…that is my mother shoving food in my face around the 4th of July a couple years ago. Yup…that’s the face of a happy boy and a mother who loves him. Laughter abound, you can see why she is my best friend.

A loving mother feeds her son
A loving mother feeds her son

This is a trying time as we deal with the emotions of hearing such devastating news. But again, it wouldn’t be devastating if my mother wasn’t such an incredible woman. She has touched the lives of many and many are coming to town to show her just how much she is loved.

I will post updates on the progress of this most remarkable woman. Updates on the medical treatments (chemo and radiology and surgery…oh yay!) and of the whole body and life changes that will help rid her body of that nuisance. We’ve got some good doctors here at the hospital and we have also been in touch with the Kushi Institute (thank you Benke for this suggestion) for more healing ways.

If you’ve got a great mother, don’t wait until a bad time (ie, some sickness or other not-so-great event) to say “hey Mom, you rock”. I’m glad that my mom rocked enough for me to feel the urge to tell her on a fairly constant basis that she rocks and that I’m glad she raised me the way she did. Let this be a reminder to us all to say “you’re my best friend”.


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    This is classic Aunt Ray and the perfect picture of what love is! Only a caring mother will hand feed her adult son. So nice!

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    you only realize about the worth of your parents when they pass away and no longer with you; this is the time to take every bit of love from them

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