Tattoo Design Contest

So there I was thinking about my mother. Seeing how many people have come by to bring her food, to see how she’s doing, to have my friends show their support for both her and me at the same time…it’s been a wonderful thing to see. She’s clearly touched the lives of many many people […]



It’s been fun watching my mom in action over the past week and a half in the hospital. I’m obviously biased and think my mom rocks but it’s especially cool seeing other people embrace my mother and take her under their wings. My mom is a bit sassy to say the least. I get a […]

A bit after I finished my Top 10 list I was sittin’ here chattin’ with my mother. Have I mentioned she’s one of my best friends? Anyway…I showed her that and then we were talking about this pesky cancer thing inside her and that we just gotta find a way to get rid of it. […]

My Mom Is My Best Friend


Hello everyone, and welcome to “My Mom Is My Best Friend”, a site dedicated to the best mothers out there. My mother truly is my best friend. She has raised me into what I like to believe is a fine young man and over the years has gone from the role of loving and caring […]